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Stampede Tryout Information

Tryout Information for the 2025 Season



* Suburban Stampede  Baseball Tryout Schedule for 2025 *

LOCATION:   Lamp Park 11001 Lamp Street (approx. 3 blocks south of 114th Dodge St)

Stampede 8's - July 1st 6-8pm Lamp #8.  

Contact : Chris Griesman 402-981-9801

We are looking to form 2-3 new teams for the 2025 season

Stampede 9’s –  Friday June 21st.  6-8pm Somerset Park

We are looking to form 1-2 new teams for the 2025 season.  

Contact: Charlie Krebs 402-658-0809

Player cannot be older than 9 before May 1st, 2025.

Stampede 10’s – Sunday June 30th 5pm Lamp #6

Contact:  Rocky Rotella 402-740-3886

Mark Magill  402-320-7754

Looking to form at least 1 new teams.

Player cannot be older than 10 before May 1st, 2021.

Stampede 11’s – 

Contact: Mark Wellwood 402-850-7315

Looking to form at least 1 new teams for the 2025 season.

Player cannot be older than 11 before May 1st 2025.

Stampede 12s - Thursday June 20th 6-8pm.  Kerrie Orozco Memorial Ballfield.  6129 N 24th Street, Omaha, NE 

Contact: Rob Holmes 402-517-5520

Player cannot be older than 12 before May 1st 2025.

 Stampede 13’s – July 1st 6-8pm at Lamp #1

Chris Griesman - 402-981-9801 Blue Team

Matt Reilly - 402-968-2169 Green Team

Nate Kauffman 402-779-6387 White Team

Alex Fierro - 402-990-0190 - Suburban Royals

Ken Fox - 402-880-9480 - Stampede East

Looking to add 1 team and have room for more Coaching help as well. 

Player cannot be older than 13 before May 1st 2025.

Stampede 14’s   - 

Contact: Jeff Wellwood - 402-651-3815

Player cannot be older than 14 before May 1st 2025

Please ARRIVE a half-hour before your scheduled time to Warm-up and Sign-In.


·        For updated info if Inclement Weather is possible

·        No fee to tryout, a $300 non refundable deposit is due upon acceptance of an offered spot. 

·        Catchers: Protective gear will be provided unless you want to bring your own.

·        Private Tryouts are available upon request

Stampede 2025 Registration

Please use the Registration link below if you are Preregistering for the Stampede Tryouts of your sons specific age group.