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Umpire Director

Umpire Director Job Responsibilities

  • Review umpire candidates  who've registered to work in the upcoming season -- boys and girls ages 13 to 18+
  • Prepare orientation and training materials for new and returning umpires
  • Schedule and conduct orientation and training sessions in late February and early March for 30 to 40 umpires
  • Work with the game scheduler and technology director to use the umpire scheduling system to assign umpires to games from mid-April through end of June
  • Deliver an umpire sign-in sheet to the Snack Shack on a weekly basis which is reconciled with the schedule to ensure umpires are paid only for games actually worked
  • Review comment cards from coaches to use as input to modify umpire levels (up/down) and to provide umpire feedback
  • Observe games periodically for additional feedback
  • Work with the technology director to ensure the payroll report from the scheduling system is accurate (twice monthly)

Umpire Levels Explained

No. Level Comments
1 Level 1 - All Mustang Only
2 Level 2 - All Mustang, Bronco Girls No Bronco Boys
3 Level 3 - All Mustang, Bronco Boys Base, Bronco Girls No Bronco Boys Plate
4 Level 4 - All Mustang & All Bronco
5 Level 5 - All Mustang, All Bronco, Pony Girls Base No Pony Girls Plate
6 Level 6 - All Mustang, Bronco, Pony Girls and Pony Boys Base No Pony Boys Plate
7 Level 7 - All Levels All Plate and Base

Umpire and Referee Scheduling System

Umpire Director News

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