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Stampede Tryout Information

Tryout Information for the 2018 Season



* Suburban Stampede  Baseball Tryout Schedule for 2018 *

LOCATION:   Lamp Park 11001 Lamp Street (approx. 3 blocks south of 114th Dodge St)


Stampede 8’s –  Currently still looking for players.  Second tryout on Monday July 10th from 6-8pm at Lamp #2.  Looking at forming 2-3 teams.

Contact Matt at 402-238-6696 with questions.

Player cannot be older than 8 before May 1st, 2018.


Stampede 9’s –  Currently looking for players.  Second tryout will be held July 10th from 6-8pm at Lamp #2.  Looking at forming up to four teams.  Private tryouts are available.

Sam 402-415-5750 for AAA/Majors Blue team

Matt 402-238-6696 for AA/AAA Green team  

Player cannot be older than 9 before May 1st, 2018.


Stampede 10’s – July 2nd 5-7pm, Lamp #6

Second Tryout -- Monday, July 10 6-8pm, Lamp #7 

Please arrive at 5:30 for registration and warm ups

Bob 402-699-1207 for AA/AAA Blue team

Looking to form up to two more teams -- Blue AA/AAA team looking for one additional player; Green AA team is looking for some additional players


Player cannot be older than 10 before May 1st 2018.


Stampede 11’s –  June 27th 6-8pm on Lamp #6

Aaron 402-403-2986  AAA Blue 11s

Jeff 402-968-2003 AA Green 11s

Don 402-312-4870 AA Grey 11s

Joel 402-618-7151 AA White 11s

Player cannot be older than 11 before May 1st 2018.


Stampede 12’s – July 3rd 10-11am, Lamp #2  

Darren 402-651-5334 for AAA Blue team

Vince 402-659-1585 for AAA Green Team

Player cannot be older than 12 before May 1st 2018


Stampede 13’s – June 29th 6-7:30pm Lamp #3

Blue 13s AAA- Aaron 402-403-2986

Green 13s AAA- Julie 402-972-7623

White 13s AA - Chris 402-680-6019

Gray 13s AA - Jerel 402-415-9767

Player cannot be older than 13 before May 1st 2018


Stampede 14s - July 3rd 6-7:30pm, Lamp #1

Aces 14s Major - Matt Parry 402-677-9700

Blue 14s AAA - Chuck 402-943-8091 

Green 14s AAA- Luke 402-312-4033 

White 14 AA- Larry 402-980-9805 - Need 1-2 Players

Player cannot be older than 14 before May 1st 2018


Please ARRIVE a half-hour before your scheduled time to Warm-up and Sign-In.


·        For updated info if Inclement Weather is possible

·        No fee to tryout, a $250 non refundable deposit is due upon acceptance of an offered spot. 

·        Catchers: Protective gear will be provided unless you want to bring your own.

·        Private Tryouts are available upon request